Authentic Jamaican Food
Our Specials
  1. Curried Chicken
    Curried Chicken
    Our Coconut Curry Chicken tastes nothing like you've experienced in the Bay Area. Our specially made coconut base emits flavors that are truly one of a kind.
  2. Rice & Peas
    Rice & Peas
    Carefully prepared, our rice & peas are a savory compliment to any dish; but can also be a delightful treat to enjoy alone.
  3. Oxtails
    A customer favorite, our flavorful Stewed Oxtails (beef) are marinated in a special blend of island seasonings, and vegetables. Our oxtails are truly a crowd pleaser.
  4. Jerk Chicken
    Jerk Chicken
    Our flavorful Jamaican Jerk Chicken is deeply marinated in delicious Jerk spices and prepared in our authentic Jamaican Jerk Pans.
The most delicious Jamaican food I've ever had outside of Jamaica. Quality ingredients including halal chicken, and fresh vegetables are succulent and full of flavour.
  1. Now Serving
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  2. Catering
    Please contact us for our Catering Menu & related information.
  3. Quality Ingredients
    We prepare high quality ingredients using the freshest meats and produce. Meticulously prepared, our Poultry is cooked to perfection.